All You Need To Know About the New iPhone 13

All you Need to Know About the New iPhone 13

When I was around 12 to 13 years old, my elder cousin had a flip phone. So, one time she came over to our place and when I looked at the phone. All I could think of was that how cool she is to have that phone. Now, when I look back, I realize compared to what we have nowadays that phone was nothing.

It didn’t have a QWERTY arrangement keypad and when we were needed to write “S” we had to press the button of 7 four times, and we didn’t even get bothered by it, it had a really bad camera resolution in comparison with today’s phones where they incorporate many Artificial Intelligence features just so we can have the perfect picture taken. Now we say 4GB Ram is not enough and back then we didn’t have RAM of 1GB.

When I started growing up one of my uncles gifted me an iPad. It was an iPad 2 and the year was 2012 and I thought I was the coolest kid on the block. Even one time I took it to school and got scolded by the teacher that I brought it.

Now when the study is revolving around smart gadgets and students are taking their classes on laptops, mobiles, and iPad it makes me laugh even thinking about the scolding I got.

These are the things of the Past and technology is moving further with the speed of light that we have no idea what to expect for tomorrow. Yesterday, iPhone 13 was launched and caused a stir in the digital world. This new iPhone 13 has been introduced with a range of really beautiful and graceful colors.

Image Credits: Apple


Here are some of the highlighting features of the new iPhone 13:-


A Powerful And Next Generation Processor   

The pro model of this new iPhone incorporates an A15 Bionic processor which includes a next-generation neural engine and a very futuristic API. The thing which Apple is trying to do with this new processor is not to achieve some kinds of business goals but rather to give a touch of reality by defying the boundaries of the imagination. This new processor incorporates a 5-core GPU which apple is saying would revolutionize the world of technology.

 But as like always, Apple hasn’t gone into too many details about it. Guess we would have to figure it out on our own. But what we do know is that is in a second it can carry out 15.8 trillion operations. This is an upgrade from the previous models of the iPhone. This is going to be helpful for people who carry out a great deal of work on their mobile phones. As we also know, no company provides extreme security like Apple does.


Cinematic Mode Is Truly An Outclass

The great deal about all four models of this iPhone (iPhone mini, iPhone Pro, iPhone pro max) is the camera of 12 megapixels. Along with this, it combines the capability of catching more light which goes up to 47%.

Now let’s come to the main thing I want to talk about is the cinematic mode which would give a film like approach to your videos. The frames would be adjusted by themselves and the people will remain focused even when the camera is moving or if the new people are coming in.


Image Credits: Apple


There is an additional feature that is expected to come later this year in iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max which is to shoot ProRes Videos. If you are confused about what ProRes is?

It compresses the videos without messing with its image quality. It is pretty common that whenever we record a video, our smartphone compresses it but the picture quality gets bad. Guess Apple is saving us from that concern.


Image Credits: Apple


Design Is Almost Same As The Previous Model

Apple has not gotten much more creative and much more imaginative when it comes to design and has decided to keep the design the same almost as the previous model. It has the same aluminum bands; it also has the same flat sides of the phone.

There are not many aspects that would differentiate the 13th model from the previous one. But you will be experiencing a much smaller notch which has been compacted by 20%. 


Image Credits: Apple


Bigger And Better Battery Life

Apple has finally decided to finally get rid of the accusation that is often put on the shoulders of the company that is bad battery life. Although Apple wasn’t ready to share the size of the battery it has been stated that there would be an additional 2 and a half hours more battery life compared to the previous version i-e iPhone 12. 

This is one of the things for which apple’s company was under scrutiny for a long time and was most of the time being compared to android phones that offer much-expanded battery life.


Things We Should Wait for in iPhone 13pro and iPhone 13 pro max

In my opinion, the one thing that is making iPhone13 pro stand out is its display of 120Hz ProMotion. It also incorporates a system of 3 cameras along with a steel band. The pro models will also be augmenting LiDAR for AR.

As far as ProMotion is concerned its dynamic nature would enclose up to 1200 nits. You must be thinking it would drain battery life but the cool thing is it can drop to 10 Hz when the static content is being shown.


Pricing Of The New iPhones

The initial rate of the iPhone 13 starts with the whooping $829 but it is giving 128 GB of storage which in comparison with the previous model is doubled. The iPhone 13 mini starts for $729.

However, the storage is the same for both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. What if I tell you, you could get 1 TB of storage on an iPhone? Yes, for paying $ 1,499 you could avail that. The iPhone 13 Pro Max will start at $1099 and would go up to $1,599.


Final Verdict

Although the prices are higher as compared to android phones but the features are pretty distinguishable as well. And seriously the kind of security, and a good life span Apple offers is pretty hard to find in other phones.

The kind of processors and camera quality the apple is offering this time would be pretty hard to beat and it has set the tone. Apple has also tried to come out of its zone of criticism of low battery life by giving additional hours but right now it is pretty too soon to say anything unless people start using it.

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