How to Completely Finish Cyber Crime Activities in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Hacking is a quite common technique employed by the cyber criminals to steal, corrupt victims data. Nowadays, huge numbers of complaint has been reported at Cyber Crime Wing-FIA whereby hackers are reported to break into victim’s social media accounts to steal his/her data to be later used for criminal […]

Pakistan Private Media Sector And Their Employees

My Experience at Private Media Sector (Short Summary) I did a job in Pakistan private news channels from 2013 to 2018 in the technical department. I did waste my five precious years in this sector but I got different experiences of my life. Furthermore, I did visit those places in […]

Job Satisfaction

Indeed one of the most important factors of individual well-being is job satisfaction. However, nowadays more than 90 percent of people are not happy with their work. Additionally, due to many reasons people are not satisfied with their jobs. In this article, we shall discuss about many facts and factors […]

Top five Hidden Heroes in COVID-19 Battle

Besides doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other hospital staff there are other people out there who are also fighting against this pandemic. Secondly, these people are also not recognized and appreciated in normal days as they should be appreciated as presently on the front line with doctors they are also doing […]

Top Five Engineering Universities in CANADA

The following universities are the top-five in CANADA. 1. University of Toronto This university with a score of 83.1 is ranked at first position while at eighteen positions in the global listing. This university is offering undergraduate and graduate programs which are as under:- Undergraduate Programs Civil Engineering Computer Engineering […]