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Best Countries To Hire Freelancers

Best Countries To Hire Freelancers

Independence, freedom, convenience, and self-authority come hand in hand with freelancing. That’s what invites so many people towards it. Over the past years, the number of freelancers has increased to 1.1 Billion globally. 35% of the world’s workforce has preferred freelancing as the path for generating revenue. Technology has eased the process of making money for our generation.

Freelancing allows an individual to provide others with the services using skills they have mastered. Irrespective of the time, place, dress code, and distance,

freelancers work according to their comfort. You can either work from home in your pajamas or you can get dressed, book a ticket to Paris, and sit right in front of the Eiffel tower and work at peace. Whatever suits you is acceptable in freelancing. A survey was conducted in which freelancers were asked about their health now as compared to before when they were doing a 9 to 5 job. Around 64% of freelancers stated that their health improved when they chose to be self-employed. Understanding the perks of freelancing, many countries have made a remarkable improvement in this area over the past years.

Saturation of Freelance Marketplace

Freelancing gained substantial recognition in the year 2019 and has been on the rise since then. About 57 million people were freelancing worldwide in 2019. This figure increased to 1.1 billion in 2021.

The pandemic of COVID-19 is also a significant reason behind this uprising of the freelance marketplace. A great number of people lost their jobs and turned towards freelancing due to the scarcity of employment opportunities. By the middle of 2020 freelancers faced massive competition due to market saturation. Nowadays, getting a job is harder than ever before therefore people are showing an increased interest in freelancing irrespective of the increased competition. Over 54% of Gen Z are freelancers. The marketplace is quite suitable for Gen Z as they are aware of modern technology. And the digital era cheers them.

Freelancing is prominent worldwide. However Asian countries have shown huge progress in this regard. The percentage revenue of most countries through freelancing has increased in the past few years. However, some countries stood atop. The top freelancing countries that showed immense growth in 2021 are:

U.S, U.K, Brazil, Pakistan, Ukraine, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Russia, and Serbia.

But below are the best freelance countries:-

United States

The topmost freelancing country is the U.S.A. Its freelancing revenue has increased to 78% as compared to 10% in 2018. Around 59 million Americans are freelancers. The average salary of an American freelancer is $1,291. In the year 2020, the earnings of Americans through freelancing were $1.2 trillion. Most freelancers in America are 35 to 44 years old. However, people from every age group are making a living through freelancing in this country.

United Kingdom

After the U.S, the United Kingdom has made its place in the freelance marketplace. Its earnings increased to 59% in the year 2021. The percentage of earnings kept on rising gradually year by year. And the number of freelancers increased by 31% in the past years. The comfort of working from home and being self-employed is enjoyed in the U.K and is attaining more and more recognition with every passing day.


Brazil showed a rise of 48% in earnings. It is more economical to hire a freelancer in Brazil than a full-time employee. This makes the use of freelancers higher in the country. Moreover on an international level as well, the rates of Brazilian freelancers are reported to be significantly lesser than other countries of Europe.


Pakistan has made massive progress in this field of self-employment. 47% of earnings increased in Pakistan, which was only 4% in 2018. Although PayPal is not supported in Pakistan, still rapid growth is cited in the region. Pakistani freelancers use other platforms for receiving payments from international clients. The platforms used are Xoom, Skrill, and Payoneer, etc. 1 million people are serving their skills as freelancers in Pakistan. Each freelancer is making a varied amount of money, which depends on the skill they are providing and the amount of work being done. At an average rate, a freelancer in Pakistan earns up to US $200.


Ukraine is the 4th most literate country in the world. The freelance marketplace in Ukraine also consists of educated and skilled people. There is an increase of 36% in earnings of this region. One of the several reasons for the rapid growth of freelancing in Ukraine is the relief of taxes for freelancers. The government has eased the tax policies, where the freelancers are categorized in “unified taxes”. The tax range starts from 2% to 4% of their earnings. This relief also makes Ukraine one of the top freelancing countries.

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