Pakistan Private Media Sector And Their Employees

My Experience at Private Media Sector (Short Summary) I did a job in Pakistan private news channels from 2013 to 2018 in the technical department. I did waste my five precious years... Read more »

Job Satisfaction

Indeed one of the most important factors of individual well-being is job satisfaction. However, nowadays more than 90 percent of people are not happy with their work. Additionally, due to many reasons... Read more »

Eid and COVID-19

Coronavirus still exists and keeps spreading in Pakistan and numbers of cases are increasing day by day drastically. Furthermore, the holy month of Ramzan is finally over and now people are busy... Read more »

Some People are Born with Talent and Some are Taught to Be Talented

In this world many people are born with some hidden talents and skills in which few of them notice by themselves or by relatives and friends around them. Furthermore, some people are... Read more »

Ordinary Pakistani Logic About COVID-19

As it is clear now that this virus is not natural but it’s a laboratory-made. Additionally, natural virus don’t stay for long but this virus keep going and spreading in every country.... Read more »

Life After COVID-19

The World has been changed from December 2019, as this virus starts spreading from Wuhan, China last year in the month of December. Furthermore, this year in the month of January World... Read more »

In Pakistan Engineers Without Passion and Desire

Presently thousands of engineers either are without work or doing Jobs in such a field which is not relevant to their degree title. Furthermore, there are multiple reasons for this in which... Read more »