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How to earn online using different methods

In this article you will learn how to earn online. Furthermore, different methods will be discussed with short explanation. Furthermore, many useful videos are available about how to earn online? Moreover, many good platforms like extreme commerceenablers and digi skills are offering courses about online trading and jobs. Also, they teach you different techniques about how to earn online smartly.

Due to COVID-19 many skillful people shifted to online earning. Moreover, many people thanks this ongoing situation and they realized that earning online is way more beneficial then traditional jobs. Further to that, many people has started online work due to this pandemic and now they are earning good amount of money online.

The present and future belong to those who are involved in online business and work. Developed countries already adapted online mechanisms many years ago. However, developing countries are still struggling to mature their online system. Also, these countries governments failed to understand the importance of online trading business.

Besides, due to the COVID-19 e-commerce business is boosted. Furthermore, developing countries citizens started online trading with some initial investment. Additionally, Amazon provides such a platform through which any person can launch their brand and can built assets. 

Some people started online jobs using freelancing platforms. Further to that, people making handsome money from Youtube. 

Following are the sources of online income.

  • Online jobs (Freelancing)
  • Online trading
    •     Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
    •     Make Your Brand (Private Label)
    •     Selling  renowned brands (Wholesale)
  • Drop shipping using Ali Express
  • Youtube channel
  • Websites

Online Jobs (Freelancing)

South Asia is the hub of freelancers. West outsource millions of jobs to South Asia market through different freelancing platforms like fiverr, guru, pay per hour and freelancer dot com etc. Because, client gets their desired work on little payment. Moreover, skillful people earn online at home. 

Online Trading

Thousands of people become millionaires by doing online trading. Besides, they are using fulfillment by amazon (FBA) platform.

Now many people don’t know about fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Through FBA you can make assets by introducing your brand so, it’s called FBA private label. Whereas, you will sell other renowned brands so, it’s called FBA Wholesale. However, for private label initial cost is too high whereas, wholesale can be started with at low investment. After all, it’s a great opportunity to earn online.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Private Label

Long story short, private label means you will select the product. Secondly, you will decide your brand name and logo. After that, you will create an account on the Amazon site.

After all, you will select either manufacturer or supplier who can arrange your product in a thousand of quantity. Also, they will supply to amazon warehouse. Further to that, then you will rank your brand on the Amazon site. Besides, you will spend a lot on marketing. However, for private label, individual required a minimum of $15 k to $ 20 k to start. As per the expert of e-commerce industry minimum amount people can earn online is from $ 3 k to $ 5 k per month.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Wholesale

You will create an account on the Amazon site. Then you will search market place like UK or USA etc. Further to that, you will select a renowned brand. After all, then you will take permission from the desired brand for wholesale work. Furthermore, after approval, you will source the products to the Amazon warehouse. After all, you can sell the renowned brand on the Amazon site. Moreover, no marketing is required as you are already selling well known brands products. In return, you will get some profit. To start wholesale on Amazon, an individual need $3 k to $4 k. Besides, those people who can’t start private label due to heavy investment issue therefore, wholesale is the best option for them for online earning.

Drop shipping using Ali Express Platform

Another big giant in e-commerce is the Ali Baba group. Many people don’t know the difference between Ali Baba and Ali express. So, let me explain in easy words. On Ali Baba, you will find suppliers and manufacturers who provide different products in bulk form and at a low price. Whereas, on Ali express, we can shop for a single item but at a high price.

I understand many people are confused between Amazon, Ali Baba, and Ali Express. So, let me tell you the main differences. Amazon and Ali Express are Business to Customer (B2C) services. On the other side, Ali Baba is Business to Business (B2B) services.

I hope you guys understand the main difference.

So, as per the heading drop shipping means, an individual will make his e-commerce platform, then he/she will use a specific plugin/software of Ali Express. Furthermore, the drop shipper will select different products from the Ali Express site. Therefore, after all, he/she will post it on their platform e.g website. When customers buy any product through their platform so, Ali Express will deliver the selected item to the customer. Whereas, drop shipper will get a commission. So, this is also a good method for online earning.

Youtube Channel (Vlogs, Study Material Channel, Infotainment, Comedy Skit and News Channel)

Many people know about this very well. So, let me tell you a few things. First, you need 1000 subscriber and 4000 views on your channel. Therefore, maybe you will earn a single dollar after 12k views. Many people without any demanding technical skills can operate a camera and simple video editing software’s. Therefore, these people are earning good amount of money online. In addition, on 22nd of every month these people receive the return of their hard work on youtube.

Websites (blogs, News, Entertainment, Educational)

Yes, through websites, you can earn good online money. When you make a website, then it will require a few necessary steps which depend on the nature of the website. Furthermore, after six months of launching your website, you can generate income from it. Further to that, there are many ways you can generate a good income from a website. 

To conclude, there are many alternatives to earn online. But there are prerequisites to make this your profession. In other words, we have to learn and master the required skills. Therefore, we will be able to generate income online. Besides, if you are determined and have patience, then you can generate good online earning.

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