Eid and COVID-19

Coronavirus still exists and keeps spreading in Pakistan and numbers of cases are increasing day by day drastically. Furthermore, the holy month of Ramzan is finally over and now people are busy preparing for the EID-ul-Fitr celebration.

This year Ramzan was different from last year due to this pandemic and surely Eid will also be different from previous. However, the dangerous thing is that this virus still exists and keeps spreading in the country but people seem to relax as they don’t care about this pandemic anymore.

Government Policy

The government of Pakistan realized that lockdown is not the prominent solution for this pandemic furthermore, citizens of Pakistan are not that much discipline to follow the lockdown like Chinese did but, there are many reasons why Pakistanis didn’t follow the lockdown as Government of Pakistan wanted.

Additionally, citizens of Pakistan can’t afford the lockdown as 25 percent of the population are living on daily wages. Therefore, Pakistan will rely on herd immunity policy as the vaccine is not available for this virus so, naturally, Pakistan citizens immune system is far better than as compared to European and Western people.

Citizens of Pakistan

People of Pakistan are compromising on every situation and the fact is during this pandemic citizens are didn’t worry that much as they are already wounded badly internally and emotionally due to many reasons. When the Government of Pakistan announced the ease in lockdown the roads and markets were completely packed with crowds and people didn’t care about social distancing at all.

Additionally, in this country when people got infected and did show some symptoms still they hide it and didn’t panic. However, official figures are not that much as compare to Western and Europe is due to lack of test and meager testing facilities in the country.

Increasing Numbers of COVID-19 Cases

Presently, cases may be much higher but nobody can’t do something about this, and the Government also aware of every situation but they are helpless and relying on herd immunity policy.
As I said, Ramzan was different as compared to last year because in this holy month after Iftaree roads were empty, markets were closed and there was no lighting and hustle-bustle situation.

However, streets were populated as young people used to play sports after Taraweeh till Sehar time. Furthermore, this Eid will be dull and boring as many picnic spots are closed where families used to visit during this festival and spend a good time with their loved ones.


Additionally, people will spend this eid mostly in their homes while watching television and using the internet. Besides, families may visit each other to spend some good time together and relieve some stress.

People Opinions

Many people saying that the Government should open each and everything like it was in normal days before COVID-19. World Health Organization already declared that this virus will remain in this world for a hundred more years. Therefore, keep everything flowing like in the past and we will see what will happen and what this virus can do to Pakistan citizens. However, many people believe that some safety measures are important to maintain.

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