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In Pakistan Engineers Without Passion and Desire

Presently thousands of engineers either are without work or doing Jobs in such a field which is not relevant to their degree title. Furthermore, there are multiple reasons for this in which we shall only target those engineers who did engineering without any passion and desire for this field. We will avoid talking about the governing body which is Pakistan Engineering Council who is indeed held responsible for the increasing numbers of futile engineers in Pakistan.

Besides, in our society and culture many people select this field of study mostly due to their elder’s advice therefore; the outcome after four years for them is devastating. Moreover, this field of engineering needs passion and desire not as a choice because this field means pure skills not just a paper degree but, unfortunately in our culture, most of the people select this field either for a status in their family and society or just to make their parents happy to be an engineer.

Furthermore, currently over 200,000 engineers are registered with Pakistan Engineering Council including 94 percent male and 6 percent female. Additionally, as per the news article related to this topic which was published last year around 30 percent of Pakistani engineers are serving abroad. In addition to that, most of the engineers are doing odd jobs besides their field of engineering and only a few of them are successfully doing the job in their field of study on good positions mainly in the Gulf Countries.

In Pakistan, Indeed many talented and intelligent engineers suffered a lot as industries there are not successful, therefore; they can’t accommodate many fresh engineers graduate on the paid internship as well as on employment. Furthermore, these individuals continue further study either in foreign countries or in Pakistan and in future these individuals start working as teachers either in private or public engineering institutions. Moreover, many of them start applying for non-engineering vacancies in different government departments just to secure their age and future. In addition to that, I personally know many of them do the job in anti-narcotics department as Inspector on BPS 11 and many of them got jobs in primary and secondary education department as teachers, and these individuals completely skipped their engineering field just to live a respectable and secure life in this society.

However, those engineers who just did pass four costly years in their engineering universities and only have a paper degree living a hustle bustle life after their graduation. Moreover, only a few of them got successful by securing an engineering job in some private companies specifically in the telecom sector and with constant approach continue their job and established skills with time. Furthermore, most of them are now serving blue-chip organizations like Etisalat and DU telecom companies in UAE on good positions and pay. However, most of them doing a job that is completely or partially not related to their degree title. Therefore, as I guess these individuals are now in deep trouble because of the present situation and future, of course, demands skillful engineers not an engineer without skills.

Those victims who did engineering without any passion are now criticizing and yelling at the Government and governing body for not creating job opportunities for them. Additionally, these victims didn’t take action on time by realizing that this field does not belong to them and they didn’t learn any evergreen skills through which they can earn and live. Furthermore I personally have seen many engineers using specific skills set through which they are earning handsome amount by doing freelancing In addition to that, as I got permission from one of the passionate and skillful engineers whose name is Engineer Fahad an electrical engineer, graduate of Cecos University back in 2009 / 2010. After his graduation, he only did one job in UAE just for one year to understand the standards of electrical engineering in Gulf Countries. Since his graduation he’s working independently and makes hundreds of projects related to electrical, electronics, and Information Technology for final year engineering students. Additionally, Fahad is now running his own website electronic clinic and YouTube channel with the same name in which he’s providing quality content about different engineering projects and now he’s earning well without any boss. However, many unskillful engineers doing jobs in well-reputed organizations but they are not satisfied as they know that in the future they will stand at nowhere if they lost their current job.

Pakistan Engineering Council may be doing their best efforts to improve the service structure of employed engineers in government sectors as well as bring reform and policies for fresh engineers in the future. Henceforth, only those people with passion and desire for this evergreen field should do this degree as they will definitely learn and masters such skills before graduation through which they can secure a good job either in public or private sectors and they maybe become an entrepreneur after graduation. Moreover, many private sectors in Pakistan don’t have enough budgets to employ engineers without skills and invest in them and wait for the output, they do hire fresh engineers with the desired skill set as they will give output in few months not in a few years.

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