Job Satisfaction

Indeed one of the most important factors of individual well-being is job satisfaction. However, nowadays more than 90 percent of people are not happy with their work. Additionally, due to many reasons people are not satisfied with their jobs.

In this article, we shall discuss about many facts and factors about job satisfaction.

Education system in Pakistan

In Pakistan education system is not at that level where many people decide what should we do and what will be the outcome. Furthermore, the majority of the people get into such a field for which they didn’t do any planning at all. Therefore, when they step into the practical world they face multiple problems and hurdles, and finally they end up doing such work in which they are not happy.

If Pakistan tries to implement Finland or Singapore model education system so, we believe that outcome will be positive and encouraging. Therefore, students will choose a better option which will benefit them in their future work.

Factors which lead to job satisfaction

Relevant job according to qualification

It is seen that many people in Pakistan doing a job which is not relevant to their qualifications. Additionally, due to financial stress they are unwillingly doing such work which don’t benefit them in their career. Therefore, if any individual doing work that is directly related to their degree title but if there is pay is not that much they are still seen to be satisfied as they know that it will benefit them in their future work.


One of the most important factors in job satisfaction is good money. For example, if a person doing a job which is partially related to their qualification but he/she making a good amount of money. Additionally, these people are seen satisfied as their needs are fulfilling and they feel secure and satisfied.
In developing countries, salaries are not satisfactory. Furthermore, many people in developing countries earning good and they are living a good life. In addition, they are those people who have a good education as well as proper evergreen skill set.

Evergreen and demanding skills set

Besides, proper skill set is the key factor in the job satisfaction of any individual. In addition, only formal education is not enough for anyone. Therefore, in today competitive environment proper education with an evergreen skill set is essential which will definitely land anybody at the place where he/she will work with satisfaction.

Following proper direction

It is seen that many people after graduation doing many jobs but not landing there where they should be. In addition, due to many reasons, these people cannot follow proper direction as they are well aware but still they are going with a flow. Furthermore, most of these people compromise on every situation they face and fight their way for a good life. Therefore, most of them due to honest hard work make it someday.

To conclude, job satisfaction plays a 50 percent role in happiness in any person life. Additionally, it is an important element of any individual well being.

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