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Life After COVID-19

The World has been changed from December 2019, as this virus starts spreading from Wuhan, China last year in the month of December. Furthermore, this year in the month of January World Health Organization (WHO) declared that this virus is known as SARS-CoV-2 or more simple COVID 19 (Coronavirus Disease 2o19). Vaccine for this disease is not available and in the near future, a proper vaccine will be developed but it will take time and I guess almost two years.

Many people saying, that many countries will adopt herd immunity policy. Furthermore, heard immunity simply means that the first population will get infected from SARS-CoV 2 and then their immune system will fight against this virus and will develop antibodies. Additionally, these antibodies will prevent those people for a certain time which will prevent this virus to again attack the same person and others who also developed the same antibodies. However, for this policy to get success so, 80 percent of the population should be infected and then their natural response will be developed in their bodies against this virus. Additionally, another way to achieve this immunity as many population is vaccinated against the disease.

However, a country like Pakistan may adopt the herd immunity natural response method as a vaccine is still not available for this virus, and in the near future vaccine will be developed. In addition, the quantity of vaccines will be limited and Pakistan may not get such a quantity of the vaccine through which they can vaccinate their 220 million population.

Due to this pandemic almost the whole world is under lock-down and now every country gradually thinking about the ease in lock-down. However, as the world is experiencing this pandemic now everybody almost realized that maybe this virus will remain for almost two years. Additionally, after two years when this virus will be over then real pandemic will take place which will be the worst economic crises in the world.

As many experience people are guessing, that life after COVID 19 will be painful and really tough. Furthermore, the rich will stay rich, and the poor will get poorer. Therefore, these people are suggesting that people should learn those skills through which they can earn online quickly. In addition to that, people with IT degrees, Computer degrees with desired skills will be required, doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists these people will be demanded after COVID 19 event. Therefore, people with programming, video editing, graphic designing, computer hardware, and software and in the last but not the least writing skills will be able to earn online during tough economical crises. Furthermore, the corporate sector will start rationalization and millions of people will lose their 9 to 5 jobs.

In view of the above, it should be our prime objective to start learning the mentioned skills in two or three months and start learning how to do freelancing and there are many free platforms through which you can learn if you have basic knowledge about how to run computer and internet. Additionally, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Government of Pakistan took the great initiative by opening the free platform with the name Digi-Skills whose offering those courses through which you can earn online.

As I said, it is expected that this pandemic may be over at the end of 2021 then extreme crises will raise. Further to this, there will be no marriages and marriage organizers and marriage hall owners will be suffered badly, hotels, traveling businesses will be suffered, car industries and airline business will be badly hit during and after this pandemic. In addition to that, such businesses whose requirement will be the physical presence of the manpower may be bankrupt. Therefore, many businesses will shift to virtual office and only those people will be hired who have desired skills which I mentioned earlier.

To conclude, the next two years are extremely tough and countries like Pakistan will be badly damaged in every sector. Moreover, only those people will survive who have the desired skills which is essential for online work. However, 25 percent of the population is living beneath the poverty line who don’t have access to computers and the internet and also they don’t have such skills. Therefore, it will be our responsibility to look after these people and people who can survive don’t forget to support such people in their community.

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