Most High Income Skills in 2021

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If you want to make a lot of money by learning high-income skills in 2021 keep reading this post. In this post, I will tell you how to start your own service-based business or start freelancing with skills that you may already have or you can learn pretty quickly to make money with clients all across the globe.

But in this post I am going to tell you about a few options that you might have or you might realize that you have these skills already or for some of you some of these skills come naturally or maybe you have some educational background in them so, without any further due let’s breakdown ten high-income skills in 2021.

1. Coaching and Consulting

Coach and consultant taking the class
This image is related to teaching / coaching. It’s one of the most high income skills in 2021.


The coaching and consulting industry is huge not only in Pakistan and India but also in the western market. Coaches and consultants making handsome money per month. Moreover, good quality coaches charge a heavy fee per hour of consulting.

If you can be a coach with proven experience in certain fields like fitness, writing, English / Chinese language, career and relationships etc you will be well paid. So, if you have expertise in any mentioned field then first do market research and check other coaches of the same field.

Therefore, do your self-assessment and decide if you are capable enough to do it or not. However, some fields do require a certification but most of them are pretty easy to acquire. Because of this coaching and consulting can be a great choice if you have the will to teach others and improve other’s lives.

2. Content Creator

vloggers / content creators
This image is related to those who are youtubers / content creators. It’s indeed one of the most high incomes skills in 2021.


The majority of people don’t know what’s content creation is; so, let me explain to you in short that content creators are those people who make videos on social media platforms i.e. Youtube, Facebook etc.

Content creation is the second high-income skill; nowadays you have seen people go viral and you could be the next. Frankly speaking, getting viral today is not hard. So, the important thing in content creation is retaining that audience and monetizing that audience.

However, you will not be making money unless you know how to utilize this audience for getting brand sponsorships. Additionally, utilize this audience for selling them products i.e. digital product, physical product which maybe you’re created or not.
Overall, it can be seen that content creation is one of the most rewarding professions today. Because attention has become the new currency.

3. Writing

Business writing / Copywriting
This image is related to those who are writers. It’s also one of the most high income skills in 2021.

Writing can pay you in two categories one is business writing and the other is copywriting. Whereas, business writing is not something that I have done but copywriting is basically when you are writing for sales.

Moreover, not necessarily sales all the time but copywriting is any text that is written to get the viewers actions. Usually, the action is to click the product now or buy the product but it can also be to register or subscribe.

For example, add popped up on your feed and it told you that “Stop doing exercise and lose your weight by taking this specific diet” which was copywriting. In addition to that, if you are watching someone’s video and they start talking about this product that have been using and what kind of problems it solved for them so, that’s copywriting.

Copywriting is a skill that is not only for your own business but also if you want to go for a job and you want to get selected you have to tell them why you. To conclude, copywriting simply means converting people and make them do the desired action.

4. Marketing

Brands Marketing
This image is about marketing strategy of different brands. Marketing, no doubt is the most high income skills in 2021.


Next high paying skill is marketing which is very closely related to copywriting. So, copywriting is usually the text that goes around and inside the marketing places and marketing is the overall strategy.

Furthermore, if a brand has launched a new product so, they need to start campaign probably on social media on their Facebook/Instagram page, they need to craft campaign even outside social media.

Additionally, they have to make a complete strategy of when what is going to be posted? are they going to run any giveaways? are they going to collaborate with other influencers? all of this will fall into marketing.

In short any kind of buzz created around the brand is marketing. In addition, it is done by copywriter usually frankly speaking a marketer should have the knowledge of copywriting.

Moreover, copywriter should have the knowledge of marketing even though they are not supposed to do each other’s jobs but these are so well interlinked. Furthermore, in marketing you also need to make sure that the designs are fine, the copy is fine and in the last but not the least the strategy is fine. 

So marketing is quite a heavy job and in this field you can make a quite handsome amount of money.

5. UX (User Experience) / UI (User Interface) Designer

Designers are discussing an idea
This image is about user experience and user interface designers. Indeed UX/UI skill is one of the most high income skills in 2021.

The majority of people don’t understand what is UX and UI so, let me define these two terms UX or user experience design and UI or user interface design.

UX design is all about designing the whole experience i.e. a website which we use every day a UX designer has helped decide what features what things would be in this website and how they work, they feel while you’re using it.

Besides, a UI designer would have to think about things look as you’re using the website. However, if still you are confused then let me give you a short and sweet example. Both UX and UI designers are designing what we are using it could be a mobile application or website.

Therefore, UX designers are going through paperwork and design an idea on the paper after a lot of research about the product, customers thinking, and their feeling.

Also, UI designers are converting that paper idea to reality by creating the mobile application or website and create the interface. So, then viewers/visitors using that mobile application/website and fulfilling their motives and needs easily.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Beautiful cute robot
This image is about AI, present and future is all about artificial intelligence.


Developed countries are aiming to reduce the manpower with intelligent robots. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science and its main purpose is to build intelligent machines. Besides, these smart machines will be capable of performing the same tasks which typically require human efforts.

The majority of high-tech industries and businesses are implementing AI to increase performance as well as revenue by decreasing the capital expenditure on humans. There are mainly two types of AI one is Narrow AI and the second is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Narrow AI is used for a single task and that’s why sometimes referred to as weak AI. Whereas, AGI is referred to as strong AI and a simple example is like robots which you see in the movies. Long story short the first skill required to become an AI engineer is learning major programming languages, such as Python, Java, and C++.

These programming languages are crucial for building and implementing models. Additionally, another skill is linear algebra, probability, and statistics to understand and implementing different AI models.

Furthermore, knowledge about spark and big data technologies, algorithms, and frameworks. Moreover, communication and problem-solving skills because AI engineers should communicate perfectly to present their ideas/products to investors.

7. Sales

Salesman and the client
This image is related to sales work, if you are working in established organization as salesman then you can generate high income.


In the future maybe Artificial Intelligence will replace many things but one thing which AI will not be able to replace its emotions. AI will not be able to build the same emotions which humans have, robots will not be able to connect with the audience like humans do.

So, there’s a lot of brands and businesses which hire salespeople, sales representatives to talk to their prospects to close deals.
Now I’m not talking about becoming someone at a call center and convince customers.

In this sales career, you usually become a high-quality salesperson or what they call a closer. Additionally, you get on calls with people you see big deals that are worth a lot of money and you get a commission out of them.

Different brands and businesses have a different models but the most lucrative one is the commission-based model. Because let’s say you are selling a product worth $10,000 and your commission percentage is 10 percent so, you made $1000 right there. Therefore, these salespeople work with high-ticket clients or high-quality products or services.

Honestly, it’s really hard to get into this industry but once you’re in there’s no going back. Because when you are good with sales you are set for life. Whereas, not everybody can become a good salesperson because in this field some mandatory skills are required. These skills are communication, the ability to catch customers mindset, moreover, patience and tolerance.

8. Video Production and Photography

Producer and the cameraman
This image is about video production and photography field. In today’s world everybody is watching videos. So, in this field you can generate high income especially in 2021.


The world is getting digital and many people are saying that it’s a future. But in fact, video production and video marketing are present. Most of the ads you see and most of the content you consume it is in the video format. Also, like Instagram, Youtube videos, and video ads that you get on your Facebook feed.

The majority of the content today especially the one that is made for sales and marketing is video. If you are capable of making beautiful videos that capture someone’s attention and retains it then you are going to be an asset to any business. Therefore, if you want to choose video production and photography as your career then you need to learn few skills.

Additionally, these skills are video and picture editing, knowledge about video and picture shoots, and knowledge about camera lenses and their uses. Moreover, understand audience/customer mindset what exactly they want and how to deliver it in a better way.

9. Public Speaking

Coach and a public speaker trying to convince their students / clients
This image is related to public speaking. Coach is trying to convince their audience with proper examples with technique about specific topic. Indeed one of the most high income skills in 2021.


The next skill which many people recommend for high income is public speaking. Public speaking is like giving a speech face to face to a live audience/clients.

Because it’s an art of persuasion, convincing other people to change their mind about certain things/points. However, for this field, you need deep knowledge about a specific topic, and also you should know about the history of the topic.

Besides, many well-known personalities who are public speakers and they are making very handsome amount per hour. But if you check their history and past then you will realize that becoming a well-known public speaker requires the hardest and the longest time.

10. Real Estate Agent

Prototype house with a real time key with keychain

In this list, another most high-income skill is dealing in properties. Because due to the ongoing situation of pandemic, the majority of people earned a lot who were involved in property dealing. However, the initial investment is huge in the real estate business but the return is pretty huge and those who are dealing indirectly in properties are also making handsome money.

But long story short it’s closely related to sales and marketing but still, there is a minor difference. Whereas, skills that are required for property dealing are those for sales and marketing. Therefore, in 2021 many people earned a heavy amount of money in property dealing and those who did invest their huge money in real estate will get a heavy return on their investment.


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