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Ordinary Pakistani Logic About COVID-19

As it is clear now that this virus is not natural but it’s a laboratory-made. Additionally, natural virus don’t stay for long but this virus keep going and spreading in every country.

Besides, many Pakistanis from day one were saying that this virus is not natural and we laugh at those people. But, now we all realized that indeed they were right. Furthermore, many Pakistanis creating different stories related to COVID-19. Besides, many well known Youtube channels who have millions of subscribers are also doing many predictions related to this pandemic. Therefore, let me explain one by one what are the stories and logic of common Pakistanis related to COVID-19 which are as under:-

American Game

Many citizens of Pakistan which I met they are saying that America wants to increase the rate of dollars. Additionally, they want to slow down China as they were growing bigger in trading. According to British news articles this virus was spread from a laboratory which was funded by America and that laboratory was near Wuhan city in the mountains.

Besides, America wants to extend Israel’s geographic territory and stop China to become an economic giant in South Asia and Europe. Therefore, it can be seen that when this virus was started in China then the second most affected country was Italy in Europe. Further to this, Italy is a big supporter of China in Europe.

Many Pakistani believe that America wants that developing countries become like an African country Somalia where people can’t live a normal life. Additionally, daily these people are fighting for the food. Therefore, America will take over all these countries and many will be merged with Israel to make this country a great Israel.

Chinese Game

Many Pakistanis also saying that when this virus starts spreading in Wuhan, China so, for one month Chinese didn’t know about this virus. Wuhan’s population is about 11 million and for one month authorities didn’t know about this virus then question is raising that why only eighty thousand people were infected? when Wuhan borders were open, the transport was open moreover, crowded markets were open.

Moreover, this virus didn’t spread in any other state while each and everything was open in Wuhan. Additionally, when China came to know that this is a pandemic then within 80 days they overcome the virus by implementing 76 days strict lockdown, constructed thousand beds hospital within ten days. However, when China recovered then Europe and America are now facing this virus and still fighting against it.

Given above, China wants to become the superhero as they first created the virus then spread the virus in the whole world and now they want to become the savior.

Bill Gates

People also raising questions that why the computer guy is taking an interest in the biological virus? As we know that bill gates become a billionaire by making windows and selling it then creates a virus and insert that virus in windows and to secure the windows then they make antivirus software CDs against the virus. Additionally, they make billions from this also but, now many people saying that other billionaires were going ahead from bill gates so, to stop them they created that virus and in near future for vaccine bill gates will provide funds through which this computer guy will go way ahead from other billionaires. Moreover, bill gates is the donor of World Health Organization (WHO).

To conclude, I can only say that this virus is not natural and it is a laboratory-made virus. Secondly, this virus may be last for two years and their worst effects will remain for two years also when this pandemic is over. As I guess, that this is a World War 3 between mighty countries like America, China, and Russia, and in between developing countries like Pakistan will stand at nowhere as economically this country is in their worst condition ever.

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