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Pixels Per Inch PPI of SmartPhone

In this post you will learn what is Pixels Per Inch PPI of Smartphone; after reading this post non techy person will be able to calculate his/her smart phone Pixels Per Inch PPI easily.


PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch, PPI means the number of pixels present per inch on the display or screen. Pixel density and PPI depend on both the screen size and the screen resolution.

Whenever we compare the screens of two smartphones so, we face the term PPI (Pixels Per Inch). Our smart television and smartphone screens are made of small components. 

In addition, we call these components pixels. Every pixel contains 3 small sub-pixels and these 3 sub-pixels are in the color of red green and blue. 

So, with the help of this, they can create any color on the screen. Let suppose if you want to see blue color on screen so the red and green pixel will be turned off and you will only notice the blue color on the screen. 

If you want to see black color so all the pixels will be turned off. Let suppose you want to see white color so all the three pixels will be turned on. So, with the color mixing technique, you will be able to see different colors on your screen.

So, more pixels on your screen means that you will notice the detailed quality of the display of your smartphone screen. In simple words more the pixels more the better quality of your screen. However, PPI directly proportional to the screen size of your smart televisions and smartphones.

 If let suppose your smartphone screen size is 4 inches and you want a 4k display so, this is not recommended by the manufactures. Moreover, if some manufactures try to do this so it will badly affect the performance and battery life of your smartphone. Because 4 inches’ screen is not enough for 4k display. Therefore, pixel density depends on the screen size. 

Now you understand what is PPI so, maybe one question will arise in your mind that how to calculate this PPI for your smartphone. Now I will show you how to calculate pixels per inch so, you can easily calculate any smartphone, television, and monitor PPI with this method.

Calculation for Pixels Per Inch PPI

PPI can be calculated by the following two steps: –

  1. Calculating the diagonal size in pixels using the Pythagoras theorem
  2. Dividing the diagonal size in pixels by diagonal size in inches.

Calculation of smartphone PPI

Presently, I have a Galaxy A02s smartphone, and as per GSM Arena, this smartphone resolution is 720 x 1600 pixels. It means width resolution in pixels wp is 720 and height resolution in pixels hp is 1600. Further to that, the screen size of Galaxy A02s is 6.5 inches.

Source: Pixabay

So, we will use Pythagorean Theorem

   So, the value will be  1754.5369759569 Pixels / 6.5 Inches = 270 PPI (Approx.)

If you check the specification of this smartphone so you will find out the PPI will be 270. So through this method, you can find any smartphone Pixels Per Inch. Now that you know how to calculate PPI, so go ahead and calculate PPI for any smartphone, not only for a smartphone but calculate PPI even for TV screens, monitor screens, and laptop screens.

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