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Some People are Born with Talent and Some are Taught to Be Talented

In this world many people are born with some hidden talents and skills in which few of them notice by themselves or by relatives and friends around them. Furthermore, some people are taught to become good in some fields of work. In this topic, we shall discuss both views and will try to give the best possible opinion.

Some people believed that some people are born with certain talents like computer programming skills, music, and sports. Besides, let me give you one of the best examples which is related to computer programming and education. Seth Yee an eight-year-old computer prodigy when he was four years old he was certified gifted with an IQ of one hundred and thirty-four in the top 1 percent for children. Seth Yee knows three programming languages and thinks at the level of students more than twice his age.

According to his school teachers he already understood what they were teaching and he was just distracting the other kids. When he was only one and a half years old, Seth easily differentiate between a hexagon and an octagon. Additionally, when he was five years old he was learning science which is meant for primary six students. Furthermore, at eight, he was fluent in three computer languages which are Arduino, JavaScript, and Python and he learned all these programming languages using online tutorials.
Some people said that it’s not necessary that every human being will born with some natural talents and skills. Besides, these people claiming that child can be taught to become good at something through which he/she can live a good life and maybe get some fame through his taught skills and talents. Furthermore, in many industries you can see actors, musicians, and athletes they got training from their early stage of life, and when times come they implement it on the real stage and many of them become a trademark in their field. Furthermore, there are many examples which we can see like famous Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses children follow their parent’s footsteps and when times come their parents launch them on the real stage of the industry and many of them got famous in a short period. However, many of them don’t get success like their parents and there are multiple reasons. Additionally, one of the reasons is not having a passion and desire for their field and in the end they face failure. In sports many cricket men children’s try to become a good batsman or bowler or all-rounder and they also get the privileges but they end up being a failure.
In many people opinion, if a child is born with some hidden talents so their parents need to notice their child skills and desire. Further to this, they should support their child so, in future he/she lives a good life. However, if a child is dull and doesn’t have any hidden talents and skills so, their parents must give him/her a time to realize what he/she wants to be and in which field they are good. Therefore, these children’s realize before the college or university life when they understand the practical life so, their parents should support them to achieve their goals and objectives in life.

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