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Top 5 Freelancers in 2021

Traditional jobs are vanishing day by day and world is moving towards the online work. Due to COVID-19 pandemic many businesses shift to online work. Furthermore, many entrepreneurs outsourced their office work. In addition, majority of the business owners are now happy with their decision and they realized if they had make this happened before the pandemic it would be better. In this post you will find out about the top 5 freelancers in 2021. Secondly, we have picked these freelancers from different niches and rate them as per their reviews and feedback from clients.

Whenever I go for interviews or for seminars, which are arranged for freelancers who are just starting out their careers. I am usually asked the following kinds of questions:-

1. What kinds of skills are necessary to strive in a freelancing world?

2. What sites should I prefer?

3. How do you get more clients and how do you win your first gig?

4. I am trying so hard for the last few months but still, I am getting no response.

5. There are so many skills out there to learn, which skill should be my number 1 priority.

6. How long does it take to finally make your way through the gigantic universe of freelancing?

7. How do you keep going forward amidst so much competition out there?

And as someone who has been in the world of freelancing for more than 5 years and as someone who has hit the ground so much and, in the starting, has thought of giving up each day. I can assure you only one thing and that is:-

Keep looking at the journeys of people who are considered as top freelancers today. It didn’t take them one night to finally be at the place where they are right now”

Whatever road you take, even if you are doing a 5-9 job, you will have to grind yourself. The only difference you are going to encounter is that in a job you always have to report to your superior authority but when you decide to be a freelancer, you would have no one to report to. Or, put it in simpler words you are going to be your own boss. At times you are going to feel somewhat demotivated. There are also going to be times when you will be questioning yourself if that is the right thing that you chose for yourself? But nothing great comes without a great deal of patience and loads of hard work.

For Getting to See Things Clearly and Remain Motivated

I am listing down some of the best and Top 5 Freelancers in 2021 along with their specialties and freelancing platforms. It would not only give you an insight into the current trends but you would also come to know that they do not only specialize in one field but there is so much more that they have to offer.

Robin H



She is a Sales & Marketing Copywriter from Great Neck, United States and has her profile on Upwork. She has done her BBA from George Washington University and MBA from Fordham University. Her skills include:-

1. SEO Website Copywriting (landing pages, product descriptions, “About Us”)

2. Video Scripts

3. Marketing Materials

4. Marketing/Brand Strategy

5. Sales Emails (automated, drip, funnel)

6. B2B services (marketing, recruiting, SaaS)

7. B2B products

8. Writing about Parenting/Family

9. Writing about Home

10. Writing about Health/Wellness

She refers to herself as someone who is quite good at creating engaging content and doing effective copywriting. She has more than 15 years of experience. She also says that she can take brands to the next level of success. She has proved her talent on 15+ Meredith websites (i.e.,,,, by creating cross-platform programs. She remained a director of Digital Marketing at Meredith Corporation. She also produced many proposals along the way for clients belonging to different industries.

Shinya S



He is a Graphic Designer from the city of Tsukuba, Japan. He has earned his degree as an art director from Tokyo Design Plex Institute. His set of skills include

1. Graphic Design

2. Logo Design

3. Adobe Photoshop

4. Adobe Illustrator

5. Adobe InDesign

6. Poster Design

7. Flyer Design

8. Magazine Layout

9. Book Design

10. Business Card Design

As the above-mentioned freelancer. He also offers his skills on Upwork. He links his arts and his artistic skills to the beautiful town he grew up in and this thing has been a source of inspiration for him. He has worked for travel agencies, enterprise agencies, IT corporations, non-profits, and private clients.

Hira Haider

People Per Hour


She is a Website Developer from the city of Lahore in Pakistan. She has industrial experiences in advertising, Gaming, IT, Marketing, and Technology. Her skill set includes

1. Web Development

2. Animation

3. Graphic Designing

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Application Development

6. Search Engine Optimization

7. Python Web Framework

8. WordPress Development

She targets small business owners and helps them grow to their full potential. She is offering her services on People Per Hour. She has a great deal of experience working with WordPress / PHP, python Django, E-commerce, and Flutter, she says being honest in the world of freelancing will help you achieve great milestones in less time.

Jeanleu Rexene Marsha Acdal



She is a Data Entry Operator from Jimenez, Northern Mindanao in the Philippines. She is a member of since February 2017 and has earned $32K. Her skills set include

1. Data Management

2. Data Entry

3. Email

4. Microsoft Word

5. Accounting

6. Admin Support

7. Copy & Paste

8. Copy

9. Typing

10. Email Support

11. Facebook Page

12. Microsoft Excel

13. Pdf

She says she is great at helping people manage their data. During her days in college, she studied basic IT. She also had the opportunity to work with some big and small European and American companies.

Stephen M



He is a voiceover talent from the city of Moorabbin, Australia. He has earned the certificate of Radio Broadcasting and News reading from The Radio Works – Melbourne.  He attributes his work as Sincere, Appealing, Baritone, Authoritative, Righthand, and Reliable. He has worked for corporations like Telstra, IOOF, Sydney & Melbourne Metro, The Victorian Government, Authors, Patriot Bloodstocks, Bora, and there are also more added to his list. He is one of the eldest freelancers who has been included in the list. He started working in 1986 and has been constantly improvising and hustling ever since on Upwork.

What Can You Gain?

There is a lot we can acquire from looking at these freelancers. Everybody starts from somewhere and no one gets their dream job in the first take. But it takes them years to get to the place they dreamed of long ago. The mistake that usually new freelancers make is that they think freelancing is some sort of magic wand that they would just wave and it give them thousands of dollars in the months. I wish that this was the case but it is not. There is no shortcut to freelancing. You have to struggle and keep striving until you finally get to the part you deserve to be. You have to constantly improve your skills and keep adding to your skills. Like the people you have seen above they started with one skill set and kept on adding to it and remained patient.


Disclaimer: Our team make this list as per their own research, and we selected few specific niches in which we found these freelancers suitable due to many factors. Moreover, from this article we are not promoting anyone but just providing useful information about specific niches to our audience.  

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