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Top 5 Most Beautiful Capitals of the World in 2021

In this post, you will know about the top 5 most beautiful capitals of the world in 2021.
The word capital derives from the Latin word “CAPUT” which means head.
The capital city is holding the primary status in a country. A city where government offices are there i.e President or Prime Minister House, Military headquarters, and Supreme Court.
Electronic or print media sometimes use the name of a capital city as an alternative name for the country.
I will give you a short example of this like relations between Beijing and Washington which means relations between the China and United States.
So, below is the top 5 most beautiful capitals of the world in 2021.

1. LONDON (Capital City of UK)

London Bridge by Julius Silver
Source: Pixabay

London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom.

It will not be wrong if we call London the city of kings and queens. London is at number one spot in the top 5 most beautiful capitals of the world in 2021.

There is a diverse range of people and cultures, and hundreds of languages are spoken in the region. London’s population was estimated at almost 9 million.

Furthermore, London accounts for 14% of the United Kingdom population. There are many really beautiful places to visit in London.

Based on traveler visits and local insights top sights in London are:-

  • The British Museum
  • Tower of London
  • Big Ben
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye
  • Tower Bridge
  • Hyde Park
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Palace of Westminster

World highly ranked educational institutes are located in London such as Imperial College of London, the London School of Economics and Social Sciences, and University College London.

2. ISLAMABAD (Capital City of Pakistan)

Islamabad Faisal Masjif by Adnan Khalid
Source: Pixabay

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan which replaced Karachi as Pakistan’s capital in 1960.

This city population is more than 1 million and the cost of living is very high especially for middle-class Pakistanis. Islamabad derived from two words “Islam” and “Abad” which means city of Islam.

Islamabad is famous for its high standards of living, safety, and greenery. The master plan of this city is designed by Greek architect Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis.

It is divided into eight zones including administrative, diplomatic, industrial, residential, educational, commercial, rural, and green areas.

Islamabad is considered one of the safest cities in Pakistan which is equipped with 2000 expensive RFID-enabled CCTVs.

Top sights to visit in Islamabad are:-

  • Faisal Mosque (Faisal Masjid) the largest mosque in South Asia.
  • Pakistan Monument
  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Margala Hills
  • Rawal Lake
  • Lok Virsa Heritage Museum
  • Shakarparian National Park
  • Lake View Park
  • Jinnah Super Market
  • Karachi Market
  • Fatima Jinnah Park
  • Pir Sohawa Road
  • Rose and Jasmine Garden
  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History
  • Golra Sharif Museum
  • Pakistan National Council of Arts
  • Prime Minster Secretariat
  • Saidpur Village Road
  • Shahdara Valley Restaurant
  • Saudi Pak Tower Building
  • Constitution Avenue

There are top educational institutes including Bahria University, Quaid-e-Azam University, PIEAS, Comsat, and NUST University.

3. BERLIN (Capital City of Germany)

Reichstag Building by PixLord
Source: Pixabay

Berlin is the largest city in Germany with a population of almost 4 million. This city is mostly composed of gardens, forests, parks, canals, and lakes and it’s located in central Germany.

Berlin is a city of culture, politics, and science and this city is a popular tourist destination. There are many places to visit and the top sights are:-

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Reichstag Building
  • Museum Island
  • East Side Gallery
  • Pergamon Museum
  • Alexander Platz
  • Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe
  • Berliner Fernsehturm
  • Mitte Walk

World-renowned universities are located in Berlin such as the Humboldt University, the Technische University of Berlin, the Freie University of Berlin, the University of Arts, and the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin.

4. WASHINGTON D.C. (Capital City of USA)

United States Capitol by David Mark
Source: Pixabay

Washington District of Columbia (D.C) is the capital city of the United States. Washington D.C is one of the most visited cities in the United States with over 20 million visitors in 2016.

The population of this city is more than 0.7 million as of July 2019. The district also hosts nearly 200 foreign embassies and international organizations like International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, etc.

Tourism in this capital city is the second largest industry and there are many top sights to visit which are as under:-

  • United States Capitol
  • The White House
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Smithsonian Institution Offices
  • National Mall
  • Washington Monument
  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
  • Dupont Circle Galleries

In Washington D.C there are the best colleges and universities like Georgetown University, George Washington University, American University, Howard University, and many more.

5. PARIS (Capital City of France)

Eiffel Tower by Nkoks
Source: Pixabay

The most populous city of France, with an estimated population of more than 2 million.

This capital city of France one of Europe’s main centers of finance, diplomacy, fashion, commerce, and arts.

For many years, Paris has attracted artists from around the world, as a result, this capital has acquired a reputation as the “City of Art”.

Paris hosting the headquarters of many international organizations i.e. UNESCO, the international chamber of commerce, the European Space Agency, the international federation for human rights, etc.

In 2019, Paris received more than 35 million visitors measured by hotel stays. Besides, large numbers of foreign visitors coming from the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, and China.

Furthermore, it was ranked as the second most visited destination in the world.

Therefore, based on travelers top sights in Paris are:-

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre Museum
  • Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Champs-Elysees
  • Sacre-Coeur
  • Musee d’Orsay
  • Montmartre
  • Famous Cafes

In Paris, many highly ranked universities are there like Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL), Ecole Polytechnique (Paris Tech), Sorbonne University, Sciences Po Paris, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and many more.

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