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Top Skills in Demand for Freelancing Websites

Top Skills in Demand for Freelancing Websites

The youth of this world are in total despair nowadays. Whenever I talk to people aged between 15-30, I usually hear things like I am unable to support my studies, or I am quite depressed by the job rejections. They also usually say that “I literally have no idea which path to choose and which career to adopt”.  Honestly, this is only happening because youth is not being directed to what is important to survive in this world of technology. The younger generation acquires degrees nowadays just so they could find a suitable 9-5 job. The spirit of creating jobs of your own is dying.

In these times, there is an utmost need to guide youth about what is needed most to survive in this world of despair and that is to have a skill set that represents who they are. If you want to continue your studies, support your family, or even want to avoid an online job, freelancing could be an option for you.

Here I am listing down some of the great skills that are currently in demand nowadays on freelancing sites.

Video Animation & Production



Videos require a short period of time to watch and you can convey big messages in a shorter period of time. It has also been proven time again that videos are the best marketing tools out there. Videos at the same time affect both visual and hearing senses so you make a great impact in a short time as compared to just written words.

Videos also combine fun elements like cool animations, pleasing sounds and other fun stuff and that is what people are doing now, and that is why I have put this skill on the top. It has been reported that good video producers and editors make $25 to $45 per hour which is a pretty handsome amount. So, if you are someone that loves editing, music, cool fun elements, and animation then this is your niche.


Graphics Designing 



There will always be going to be somebody who will be needing a logo for their business, a brochure to market their idea, a standee for their project, a poster for presentation, a card for their loved ones, a UI/UX design, and many others. So you would never run out of business. But the problem is this field requires perfection and an extreme sense of dedication.

If you are creative and see things in a bigger picture and pay attention to detail, apart from doing just art then you are supposed to go way down this path. You would have to create a great portfolio first. Because your clients will not give you work unless they can see what you have done so far.


Content Writing



Writing is one thing that not everyone can do. I am a writer myself and it could be exhausting at times when you cannot run wild into your imagination. But if fewer people are doing it? Does it ring a bell to you? It means that you are going to encounter a bit less competition here. Because writing mainly not requires a very good understanding of a specific language but you also need to have great research skills. If you are new to writing start with writing scenarios. If you see a beautiful thing in front of you go ahead and write about it.


Website & App Development



The era we live in requires a strong digital presence. Whether somebody is a small business owner or owns big companies like Apple, Microsoft, or even Amazon the first thing people would ask owners is that where is your website or where is your android app? Simply You don’t exist if you don’t have a website or an application that is present on the google store or app store.

That is why this skill is quite important. It falls on the technical side and you would have to learn programming languages both front end and back end to finally become a full stack developer.  There are many free courses available on YouTube that would teach you from scratch how to design and develop a website or an application. There is also an option to choose from different languages. For example, if you are not comfortable with PHP as your backend language, you can go for C# or python.


Product Management



Product management incorporates things from the perspective of both marketing and customers. You’d think you can’t offer a skill like this on the internet but you surely can. In this day and age, hiring product managers on freelance sites are highly popular. But there is a requirement to have a business degree and to have acknowledgement regarding technical aspects of the product. Product managers should always keep in mind that they will need to conduct in-depth research regarding the products, they will need to analyze their market value, their targeted customers, and market along with many other things. 

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